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Use Nekton to connect Emelia with thousands of other services, and automate your day-to-day tasks. Describe what you want to automate in plain language, and Nekton AI will create automation for you.

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Automate Emelia integrations with Nekton

Create automations that integrate Emelia with other services

Nekton AI can integrate Emelia with many online apps and tools. Here are some popular integrations you can try to automate your Emelia workflows:

Emelia actions

Nekton can use any feature that is available in Emelia API. Using our advanced AI, you can easily create custom automations for Emelia. Here are some typical actions you can do in your automated workflows.
Add Contact to a Campaign
Add a contact to an existant campaign. If the campaign is marked as finished, it will automatically change it to running mode.
Mark a Contact From All Campaigns as Interested
Marks a contact as Interested status in every campaigns where this contact is included
Search Contact
Search a specific contact on Emelia. All the matches are returned, an empty array is returned if there isn't any match.
Add Contact to Blacklist
Adds a contact to your Emelia blacklist. This contact will not be contacted anymore
Add Contact to a List
Add a contact to an existant list. If this list is already in a campaign, we recommend you to use the "Add Contact to a Campaign" action instead.
Set a Custom Field to a Contact
Sets a custom field to an existant contact in a campaign.
New Campaign Activity
Triggers when a new activity is detected on a campaign.

About Emelia

Emilia is the only platform dedicated to Growth Marketing teams and B2B automation companies that has 3 e-mail addresses for cold-emailing.