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Use Nekton to connect Discord with thousands of other services, and automate your day-to-day tasks. Describe what you want to automate in plain language, and Nekton AI will create automation for you.

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Automate Discord integrations with Nekton

This Nekton template automatically generates an image with Leap AI based on the text of a new message sent on a specific Discord channel. It then replies to the same c...
Manage your Discord messages effortlessly with this Flow. Whenever there's a new Discord channel message that contains a specified text, this Flow will automatically a...
Once this integration is in place, you’ll be able to keep new Discord users archived and organized, effortlessly. When a new user is added in Discord, this Flow automa...
Keep track of new messages posted in a Discord channel with this seamless workflow that updates a Google Sheets spreadsheet row. Whenever a new message is posted in yo...
Save time and stay organized by automatically updating your Google Sheets with new reactions on Discord messages. With this workflow, every time a new reaction is adde...
Simplify your onboarding process by automatically adding roles in Discord when new rows are added to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. This automation streamlines new membe...

Create automations that integrate Discord with other services

Nekton AI can integrate Discord with many online apps and tools. Here are some popular integrations you can try to automate your Discord workflows:

Discord actions

Nekton can use any feature that is available in Discord API. Using our advanced AI, you can easily create custom automations for Discord. Here are some typical actions you can do in your automated workflows.
Remove User Role
Remove a chosen role from the specified user.
Send Channel Message
Post a new message to a specific #channel you choose.
Find User
Find an existing user by name.
Add Role
assign a role to a user
Rename Channel
Rename a channel to a specific name you choose.
Find Channel
Find an existing channel by name.
New Message Posted to Channel
Triggers when a new message is posted to a specific text channel.
New Reaction on Message
Triggers when a new reaction is added to a specific message with the details of the user who reacted to it.
New User Added
Triggers when a new user joins the Discord Server.

About Discord

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers.