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Use Nekton to connect Jira Software Server with thousands of other services, and automate your day-to-day tasks. Describe what you want to automate in plain language, and Nekton AI will create automation for you.

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Automate Jira Software Server integrations with Nekton

You use Jira so you can deal with issues as soon as they come up, but your agile approach won't work if you don't know there's a problem. Use Nekton to automatically create issues in Jira from online forms, email, and collaboration tools so you can plan sprints and distribute tasks faster.

Create automations that integrate Jira Software Server with other services

Nekton AI can integrate Jira Software Server with many online apps and tools. Here are some popular integrations you can try to automate your Jira Software Server workflows:

Jira Software Server actions

Nekton can use any feature that is available in Jira Software Server API. Using our advanced AI, you can easily create custom automations for Jira Software Server. Here are some typical actions you can do in your automated workflows.
Add Watcher to Issue
Adds a user to the issue's watcher list.
Create Issue
Create a new issue, select your own project and issue type.
App Extensions (Beta)
Performs an API call using an App Extension (Beta) entry, which you can select or create, later within this Flow's setup. App Extensions (Beta) can be reused across multiple flows and are managed centrally through the App Extensions (Beta) builder.
Find Issue
Searches for an issue, either using the issue's key, or its summary.
Attach File to Issue
Attaches a file to an existing (or newly created) Jira issue.
Update Issue
Updates an existing issue.
API Request (Beta)
This is an advanced action which makes a raw HTTP request that includes this integration's authentication. This is useful if an application has an API endpoint that Nekton doesn't implement yet. You will be expected to read and utilize the API documentation provided by the application. Further, if the application changes their API, you will be expected to make the appropriate fixes and updates.
Find User
Find a user by name.
New Issue
Triggers when you add an issue to a project of your selection.
New Issue Type
Triggers when you add a new issue type.
New Project
Triggers when a project is added.
New Issue (Via JQL)
Triggers when a new issue is added that matches some JQL.
New Priority
Triggers when you add a new priority.
Updated Issue
Triggers when an issue is updated.

About Jira Software Server

Jira is a bug and issue tracking tool that allows software developers to manage product development and build better software. This integration connects to self-hosted instances of Jira.