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Use Nekton to connect Sub-Flow by Nekton with thousands of other services, and automate your day-to-day tasks. Describe what you want to automate in plain language, and Nekton AI will create automation for you.

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Automate Sub-Flow by Nekton integrations with Nekton

Create automations that integrate Sub-Flow by Nekton with other services

Nekton AI can integrate Sub-Flow by Nekton with many online apps and tools. Here are some popular integrations you can try to automate your Sub-Flow by Nekton workflows:

Sub-Flow by Nekton actions

Nekton can use any feature that is available in Sub-Flow by Nekton API. Using our advanced AI, you can easily create custom automations for Sub-Flow by Nekton. Here are some typical actions you can do in your automated workflows.
Return From a Sub-Flow
Used inside of a Sub-Flow, this is the final step of a Sub-Flow and should be after the "Start a Sub-Flow" trigger.
Call a Sub-Flow
Used outside of a Sub-Flow, this will activate a Sub-Flow, which should contain both the "Start a Sub-Flow" trigger and "Return from a Sub-Flow" action.
Start a Sub-Flow
Triggers when an outside Flow calls this Sub-Flow. Always used inside of a Sub-Flow. A later step in the Sub-Flow should be the "Return from a Sub-Flow" action.

About Sub-Flow by Nekton

Build reusable Flow components and systems by building and calling "Sub-Flows".