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Use Nekton to connect Google Analytics with thousands of other services, and automate your day-to-day tasks. Describe what you want to automate in plain language, and Nekton AI will create automation for you.

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Automate Google Analytics integrations with Nekton

A key element for targeting your online audience is getting to know your visitors. With Google Analytics, you can view and analyze traffic sources, visitor behaviors, time spent on your pages, and more. By using Google Analytics with Nekton, you can do more with that data: automatically receive regular traffic reports, keep track of new leads, and stay up-to-date on all your analytics goals.

Create automations that integrate Google Analytics with other services

Nekton AI can integrate Google Analytics with many online apps and tools. Here are some popular integrations you can try to automate your Google Analytics workflows:

Google Analytics actions

Nekton can use any feature that is available in Google Analytics API. Using our advanced AI, you can easily create custom automations for Google Analytics. Here are some typical actions you can do in your automated workflows.
Run Report
Runs a report and returns the analytics data.
Search Goal
Finds a specific goal.
Create a Measurement
Send a measurement of an event to Google Analytics.
Update Goal
Updates existing goals.
New Goals
Triggered when a new goals is added.

About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an industry standard freemium web and mobile analytics package.